PLATF9RM is a thriving business community in Brighton & Hove. We create contemporary workspaces that enable our members to flourish through collaboration.

In 18 months we’ve grown to 600 members across two beautifully fitted sites. We've already accrued a smorgasbord of professions: film-makers, PR agencies, illustrators, charities, accountants, writers, cleaners, graphic designers and plenty more. We’ve even got a mime artist!

Our team pride themselves on becoming familiar with all member businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer or CEO of a multi-national company, we’ll encourage the connections our workspaces are designed to inspire. We also curate a program of social and cultural events that ensure PLATF9RM members get to know each other personally. To us, above everything, the community is key.

The Team

PLATF9RM is a creative business community with an awesome team at its heart.
They make everything tick and help craft our unique atmosphere.

Here’s an introduction to them all. You’ll see them around and they love to chat (often at the expense of doing any work). Come say hi!


Seb Royle, Founder

Seb may be from Scotland but considers himself a fully-fledged Brightonian after living here for seven years. His biggest thrill is watching the growth of everything attached to PLATF9RM; whether its the workspaces, the members, the team or even the plants. An avid fitness fan, you’ll find him running along the beach at times most of us would consider only fit for sleeping.


Emilie Lashmar, Creative Director

Emilie is the day-to-day captain keeping the PLATF9RM ship on its righteous course. A lightning rod for the city’s creative population, spend any time with her and it’s clear she knows every man, woman and pooch in Brighton. If lost, can normally be found in the back room of the Bee’s Mouth.


Sunetta Kiarie, Events Manager

Sunetta was born and raised in Kenya, but found herself in Brighton via Bristol and Canterbury. She loves Brighton for its eclectic mess of creatives and the music scene: she’ll be found at Little Green Pig’s events or watching the 25-piece jungle and drum & bass ensemble, Carnival Collective. She’s working on her first novel, whilst her name has the most unique etymology we’ve ever heard: a tanker called Sunetta was sunk the day she was born!


Tara Huzar, Location Manager

Tara loves Brighton’s small-town feel and the fact you can’t step outside your door without bumping into friend or foe. (Mostly friends...of course.) She’s a wannabe DJ in her spare time and, when not behind the decks, she’ll be out front dancing. She also has aspirations to start a stand-up comedy shows: hit her up for a knock-knock joke...


Leanne Doutré, Operations Manager

Leanne is the eyes and ears of PLATF9RM and ensures everything behind the scenes run Nutella-smooth. Occasional bearer of the nickname DIY Doutre, if there’s a snagged carpet or faulty lock she’ll be on the case quicker than you can say “multi-head Phillips screwdriver”. She’s a huge fan of a Netflix history documentary binge and, if you give her a pint and a bar stool, will admonish you with knowledge for hours on end.


Matt Miller, Membership Assistant

Yorkshireman Matt joined our team at the beginning of the year and he made an immediate impression with his vast canvas of tattoos. An avid illustrator, Matt drew most of them himself and is first port of call when his mates need a new design. His affection for body ink is only usurped by his love of dad jokes; If you’ve got a bona-fide groaner in your repertoire, be sure to track him down.


Jessica Samson, Community Lead

In a PLATF9RM team that makes no secret of its love for dogs, Jess is our canine queen. Nothing makes her happier than a member bringing a new woofer into the office and if you ever need a sitter for your pooch, she’s your (Yorkshire) lass. Out of work hours she’ll be mostly found in The Pond or working on some side-hustle; whisper it quietly, but she’s a secret workaholic and will one day run this city.


Ciaran O'Donnell, Finance Director

Ciaran is in charge of the PLATF9RM balance sheet and stops us spending all our money on plants and fancy upholstery. He lives on the Isle of Wight and his three children absorb most of his time. When he can get away he loves the outdoors and even once climbed Aconcagua, the highest point on Earth outside of the Himalayas. Puts that ‘long walk’ to Lewes you did last week in perspective…


Jo Royle, Projects

Jo is owner of the biggest smile in PLATF9RM, and our master of projects. She’s a true people person and loves to hear the nitty-gritty of our members’ lives. Hang around Jo for long enough and she will almost certainly give you cake.


Annie North, Front of House

Brighton is sewn into Annie’s bones and she can’t imagine herself living anywhere else. She’s an aspiring playwright and theatre director and was part of the team behind 2018’s Brighton Fringe award-winning Love Letters To Rappers. She’s currently writing her own show and, when she’s not working on a future life in the theatre, is indulging her love of trashy pop culture. Whether it’s Gemma Collins, Nicholas Cage or Heat magazine, she’s your one-stop-shop for all that goss.


George Kirkpatrick, Front of House

George has just moved to Brighton from London. He’s already enamored with the city’s independent vibe and the fact his tube-riding days are over. He’s just graduated in graphic design and, when he’s not locked onto his Mac, is pounding the streets in his running shoes. On his (tentative) to-do list for this year are two things: complete a half marathon, and start a band that’ll write theme tunes for movies without a theme tune. We believe in you, George!


Grace Church, Front of House

Grace recently graduated from mime school in Paris, since then she’s set up her own theatre company. When she’s not organising plays Grace is in PLATF9RM, looking after members and updating our Instagram Stories with ‘Gracecam’. It’s quite an insight.

Extended Family


George Buko, Cleaner Guru

Is George PLATF9RM’s most popular man? Probably. When members first join they just assume George is part of the staff, as he knocks them sideways with that big Bulgarian grin. George’s company Acies keep PLATF9RM in the spotless state you’re accustomed to. Give him a chance and he'll astound you with his passion for the art of cleanliness.


The Drop Digital, Social Media Team

The lovely lot over at The Drop Digital have taken over our social media - they will be heading up our social strategy and planning schedules for our blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Neil and his trusty team - Alice and Abbie, are taking care of all those fun technical things, that we can only just grasp the use of when posting our occasional selfies/many photos of dogs.


David Hillier & Clarence, The Voice

David is a writer who does the words for PLATF9RM’s site, blogs and communications. He swore he’d never start writing about himself in the third person and he’s not about to start now.